Love and life begins with a family

Family’ is a place where band of people are related to each other by birth or marriage. It is the place where people feel loved, secured, cheered and there is a bond between each other. A person identity can be recognized by his/her family. Without a generous family one will lose the feeling of comfort and satisfaction. Old age people and families are strict and perform various activities against the wish of their children like child marriage. But this modern generation has adopted a drastic change and everyone has the rights to satisfy their wish regarding their career and marriage

Types of family


It is also known as small family which has father, mother and their children. Privacy is a plus nuclear family.


It is a common practise in Hindu’s side which includes grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, sons, daughters, mother and father.


Here the children were brought up only by their single parent either by mom or dad.


Children will be brought up by their grandparents due the absence of their parents.


About 50% of the marriages end in divorce and they are getting remarried.  Those people are entering in to the new unit of family.

Rare but best

Joint family concept has been vanished. But it has enormous advantages

  1. People and kids have natural adjustments, forgiving tendency and understanding capabilities.
  2. Children of same age will form a group for studying, playing and other activities. So that they may not feel lonely.
  3. Caring and discipline will indulge in their mind since they are living with larger group of people.
  4. The family members will be a backbone and support for an individual for all decisions and regarding future plans also.
  5. The persons in these families generally posses’ good leadership qualities, decision making skills and team work.
  6. The persons will always wealthier since there are multiple earners and income.
  7. More love, affection and time sparing were seen in joint families.
  8. Work is made easier by dividing among them based on their age.

Never fail to thank god for the fabulous family you have. Always keep your family as first priority and love your family members with all your heart. All other things that we own had come from our hard work and aspiration. But without any perseverance god has gifted everyone with a lovable family.

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