The Most Talked About Latest Designer Saree Styles

Are you visiting a friend’s wedding? Will be catching the latest movie tonight with your boyfriend? Or, go for a dine out party with your family?? Whatever be the occasion, the fascinating nine yards can be your companion everywhere. Sarees are one of the most popular and most innovative form of Indian outfit. You can create various styles with the magical nine yards.

There can be almost 80 types of draping a saree, you have to pick your type depending upon the occasion. Indian women and even world is adapting saree as a statement outfit for various big events like red carpet of any award night. Various big fashion designers create these special designer sarees for women who are looking for something different to grace any occasion.

Various designer Saree styles which are the talk of the town

Chanderi, Kosha, Maheshwai, Tussar, Mooga, Bengal Cotton or even Muslin, there can be end number of fabric types which can differentiate sarees for women. These sarees have origins in various parts of India.

The latest designers sarees trends which everybody wants to follow and own are described below :

  1. Sarees with special border

Be it a plain cotton saree, a Chiffon one or a heavy Kanjeevaram by adding a beautiful border can actually make the saree a glam piece. The borders can be made of sequins, some applique, some gota work patti or even some metallic texturing. Apply it in contrast with the saree fabric and see it change into a designer piece.

  1. Sarees worn with statement blouses or jackets

Different types of blouse designs are very much in vogue now. Be it a boat neck blouse, a full sleeved blouse or a proper jacket. If you drape your sarees along with these blouses, it can completely change the entire look of the saree. Actually basic plain matching blouses are totally out of fashion now.

  1. Sarees with signature prints

There are big designers, who only work with huge signature prints on the sarees, the saree fabric can vary from Chiffons, Georgette or any type of silks but the big prints which pops out from the sarees makes all the difference in the appearance and makes it a complete designer wear.

  1. Sarees with embellishment on shoulder part

These sort of sarees comes designed on the shoulder part of the pallu, it can be a proper embroidery, some embellishments can be used and even stones or tassels can be attached on that part. This style looks best with a one colored saree or even saree which is divided in two colors.

  1. The Patli Pallu Saree

The nine yards can be designed by creating a different color or design on the pleated portion and also on the pallu part. This gives the saree a special look and whatever be the material of the saree, it makes it a designer one.

  1. Lehenga saree

Sarees are manufactured and stitched in the form of lehenga or a gown in a mermaid shape. The draping is very simple. This is a great choice for bridalwear and for other bridal functions.

  1. Sarees with the cape look

The cape jackets are the hot property in the fashion market. That look has been created in the sarees by attaching the cape form with the sarees. The cape can be short and can even touch the floor. The uniqueness in this design makes it a must have as a designer piece.


Pick from any of the latest trend of designer sarees for women, mentioned above and see everybody turning their heads on you in any social gathering.


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