Managing Online Clock for Employees

In the raise of easy access system based work, it is not surprising to find that many difficulties at work can be solved by a simple application. Take into account, the complication of working with a freelance or independent body where the payment is based on the working hours. Not to forget the real invoice for reimbursement of work trip. So that makes sense that online clock in the answer of this problem.


Being far from your workers, makes it harder to design a work assignment and hoping everyone is reaching the target as it supposed to be. But with online clock application, you can plan everything easier. Starts from scheduling the daily, weekly, and even monthly plan; sets deadline of the assignment; track the clock in and clock out of the employers, and assessing the work that has been done. Not only for planning, all individual connected to this app will have ability to access the shared data, access their schedule, and even request the change of schedule and switch duty for some reason. Let’s not forget that the online time app purpose is to count the working hours, do the round, and allowing employers to propose for the holiday leaves.

There is also the feature of Task Management in Time Clock Wizard that regardless of the location of your employers will be able to build the task management system where you can assign the task and set the due date for each individual or entire group together. Employers tagged in this build-in task will be able to upload task, and communicate with other members who has the same designated task. It will help them to coordinate. In the bright side, managers can keep tracking of the task, especially the amount of time each employer spends of on the task. In order to keep tracking, the online clock application such as the time Clock Wizard will always notify the managers of the changing schedule, clock in and clock out of the employers, and the location of the log in made by GPS tracking to make sure employers are clocking in and out form where they supposed to be.

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