Are they on time?

Ten minutes late and the HR may shave off some amount from your monthly pay. So, how does the HR keep an eye on your entry time? They simply use software like ours, the Time Clock Boss to Track Employee Time.

Whether it’s clocking in and clocking out, or recording the time spent on tasks assigned out software allows you to Track Employee Time effectively. The software records all activity and time spent on the machine completing task. It records log in and log out time and stores it in a database. The HR can then generate reports based on this record.

Our easy to use interface makes it simple for the user to access the time sheet database. The employee’s record carries his or her daily clocking in time. It also displays clocking out time. The time spent by an employee is an important measure of efficiency. To calculate this, the manager can pull up reports of the total time spent by an employee on an assigned task. It also creates space for overtime and records punctuality.

The Time Clock Boss integrates easily with the system. Once it’s installed, the employee is all ready to go. This feature is accessible across geographical locations. The IT has to simply authorize the IP addresses from where the remotely based employee logs in. The employee’s activities at this IP will then be recorded by the system, esp. the log in and log out activities. If the employee is accessing from different IPs the IP addresses will also be recorded.
Employees who work in the field a lot, or entirely in the field, for example sales or insurance people, the dashboard can be accessed via mobile. The employee can record log in and log out time via the mobile interface. This type of time tracking software is very useful for organizations which are spread across physical locations. For instance, a company with employees based remotely can easily keep a track of the time the employees spend in office working. The company can also generate time sheet reports. Since these reports also record leaves and absences, the efficiency of an employee can easily be measured. Time tracking activities are thus the key feature of this software.


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