For all your time clocking needs, use our tools

Are you looking for a fast, dependable, accurate system of employee time tracking and payroll processing? Look no further. Simply use our nifty utility, the Time Clock Genie.

A free online time tracking system, out software is very easily available to you. Simply, download the Time Clock Genie from the website and install it on your pc. It’s an easy to use employee scheduling and time tracking system and even helps generate reports for an automated payroll processing.

Let’s discuss some features here.

Online Employment Scheduling –This is made easier and faster with our tool as it allows for

  • Shift Swapping
  • Schedule Duplication
  • Quick Editing
  • Shift Rotations planner
  • Calculator for varying salaries, hourly pay and expense repayments
  • SMS alerts
  • Push notifications

The above given features make the tool easy to use, convenient and with a very high utility value.

Employee Scheduling – The tool has an online virtual calendar.It facilitates employees to create vacation requests. Most employees have the same schedule and all you have to do is duplicate it for a given time period. You can duplicate schedules for the entire team and not just an individual.

Online Time Clock–Our system is 100% accurate when it comes to punching in time. HR managers can program the system to round off the punch in time to the nearest hour. Clock-in time can be set as alerts for individual employees, for late-coming or absences.

Payroll Processing – Payroll reports include gross pay and the number of hours an employee has worked as per pay period. It also calculates overtime and adds it to the payroll report for each individual employee.

Clock Shield – This enables a manager to get immediate notifications via e-mail or SMS when employees clock in or out, late, on schedule, or early. You can customize this feature as per your wish to receive periodic alerts.

Mobile Connect–This is convenient for easy access from your tab, mobile, PDA, etc.

Control Panel – This is the dashboard available as soon as you log in. It allows you to access all features and also records your clocking in times.

This tool meets basic employee scheduling and time management needs.

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