Four Factors To Consider While Moving Your Business

Although office relocation is an exciting chapter in your company’s evolving story, it goes without saying is a major step which cannot be taken lightly. The team at Quality Installers has asked several of its customers about the factors they think are most important while considering office relocation. Here are the top four issues they deemed most important for smooth, smart and successful office relocation:

  1. Location

Just as in case of homeowners the number one thing that they consider at the time of changing their address, is location. Likewise businesses must also focus wisely on location while evaluating different relocation possibilities. For instance, many companies want to be closer to customers, suppliers, key employees even those the management want to recruit in the near future. Many a time’s businesses want to get an address in the high profile community. For instance, many big cities and some smaller ones also have their own interpretation of “Silicon Valley”. Most technology led entrepreneurial firms and companies want or be situated in this hub or zone foe various advantages. The same goes for other firms in the market, including financial services, health care, marketing, engineering ans so no and so forth.

  1. Cost

Another major factor in case of office relocation is cost. Some mortgages or leases are more business friendly as compared to others. The bottom line is that energy, technology, security and utility costs can have major positive or in some cases negative impact on the average expenses as compared to historical expenses.

  1. Infrastructure

It is pivotal for some businesses to ensure that a potential new location has the infrastructure to support cooling and power system well ahead of time. Examples of such businesses are those which have a large IT hardware footprint. According to a leading software company – the most basic and first consideration is of power. Does the prospective office building have the potentiality to supply enough power to satisfy the technology needs? Most commercial buildings these days offer enough power for the more efficient monitors, computers, and servers. It is worth confirming if there is sufficient power available for your business in case it involves power-intensive computing. Also make sure that the building has proper ventilation and sufficient air conditioning for your present and future needs. As the servers need proper cooling to execute optimally and avoid failure.

  1. Employee

Researchers have revealed that employees are spending on an average 47hrs of work in a week, many exceed the 50hrs mark. That’s way more than the waking time they spent at home. So it’s important to assess that the prospective new location that it has ample space for your present roster of employees, irrespective of what other benefits and advantages it may be offering.

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At Quality Installers year after year we have helped a number of businesses to relocate all across the country, state, and your own city. And by help we mean expertly handling their every aspect of moving, from planning and communication through making it 100percent employee ready and cleaning the new space.

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