Catch a ferry for Bintan

Bintan is a famous island of Indonesia; it is the one of the beautiful Islands present in the South of Indonesia. One can spent a Good time with family for an exhaustive holiday around. It is basically an island that was discovered by Indians and Chinese peoples. Being from the 12th century, under the British control has been a place for getting looted for the trade ships sailing across the shores. Why wait, Planning for visiting this awesome place, its best to travel by ferry from Singapore to bintan.

Other features that the Island provides the basic amenities that are being known for the world class services. It is covered with the wide area of 10 kilo meters. There are various hills on the island, where Bintan Besar being on the top most hill with the height of 360 meters. It is also covered with the layers of thick forest. Practically there are various ferries that are made to be run from different time frame of travel schedules. It is preferred to travel by ferry from Singapore to bintan in a usual way. These ferries are present on the northern terminal of the Singapore. The fare rates of the ferries are quite affordable. Tourist prefers to travel to bintan during the months of November and till the end of March, subjected to the stable monsoon climate. There is quite heavy rainfall during the months of June and till the end of October.

The cuisine offered is special one, they are religious with the political changes representing with the neighboring countries of Singapore and Malaysia. There are various resorts that provide an ample space and services to the visiting tourists and Family as well as individual travelers. On an average there are roughly about 500000 tourists that travel and visit bintan over a year. Most of the travelers are from Japan, Korea and Singapore. Its is therefore predicted that the numbers would rise upon the average in the forth coming years, this is due to the excellent package and the services provided by the people over there. Grab your tickets, pack your bags and go for the ride and visit the beautiful island now.


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