Can small and medium size companies benefit from employee scheduling software?

Basic HR software, as well as excel spreadsheets, may not prove to be enough in order to manage scheduling needs for companies that have more than 100 employees. Migrating to cloud-based online scheduling software can prove to be the best option for such companies. Here are some benefits that such software solutions offer to the organizations.

Reduce your IT staff’s burden

Opting for online employee scheduling software means there is no need to keep an in-house IT team to manage the system. To access the program, all that you need is an active internet connection. You can also allow your employees to access the same using their smartphone.

No need to set up dedicated hardware, no installation, no bunch of wires, and no maintenance is required after installing such program.

You can always use the latest version

Technology keeps on upgrading almost every month. Your company’s systems installed during the last year may turn obsolete during the coming months and the hardware provider may ask you to go for paid upgrade. On the other hand, if you go for Employee Payroll Processing, you can upgrade the software at any time, at the click of the button, without making any changes in the hardware. Most of the upgrades offered with such programs are free of cost.


Increase or decrease the software capacity as per requirement

Employee schedule software allows administrators to increase or decrease the number of workers while planning, according to business requirement. The developer might ask you to purchase a license according to the number of employees that you wish to use the system for.

However, later on, you can increase or decrease the number in most of the systems. Don’t select software that does not allow you to increase or decrease the number of employees quickly.

Allow remotely working employees to access the scheduling system

Due to globalization, many companies work with remotely working employees. Such individuals also need access to work schedule for various departments so that they can plan their work shift accordingly. Online employee schedule program takes care of all the issues as managers can share the access to scheduling systems with remote employees so that they can get details about their shift as well as co-workers’ shift in advance.

As the entire system is based online, managers can create work schedules, assign responsibilities, dedicate time to the task, and monitor the work on a real-time basis.

Employee scheduling software can easily integrate with existing systems in the office and help managers to record working hours for each employee, track their overtime, breaks, and plan leaves as well. Such systems also offer payroll processing to help organizations in order to simplify things. Using free employee time tracking software like Time Clock Genie located at can help you perform this task for free.  You can use it on a desktop as well as on a smartphone.

With such systems in place, the managers would be able to focus more on supervising and managerial tasks that they are hired for. This will positively impact the organization’s profitability.


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