Side Effects of Steroids Abusive Use

Steroid effects are much and can cause serious side effects, such as cancer, but many sports players decided to ignore all necessary information on its side effects, although used as an excuse for “the only abuse drugs, which causes some damaging to organs in this body, “but any drug that alters the homeostasis of the body affected.

By looking at the body further we can look at how steroids can affect each different parts of the body:


Studies have shown that high levels of testosterone and aggressive behavior between loads, which is often considered to be involved in violent activities for users. Typically, steroids are used as a reason for the someone to aggressive behavior. In high doses, have also been psychotic syndromes and the high level of anxiety. Other side effects that occur are a sleep disorder, euphoric feeling, a high level of paranoia, depression in different stages, some user’s extreme mood swings and personality changes. A large number of users depend on steroid use, which can lead to addiction.


The use of steroids results in a high water retention (edema), which leads the user with an unchanged face. For women, reports have shown that the effect of plant growth is quite common, bad breath is relatively common in effect, as well as the woman’s voice, which turns husky’s a deepening of the voice. Steroids also commonly affect the face and body skin, causing acne.


Long-term use of steroids can actually cause damage to the eyes, causing eye infections, cataracts or glaucoma.


Baldness is common in both men and women, due to high levels of testosterone become dihydrotestosterone, or DHT, which causes hair follicles to shrink, which makes a very fine hair. In the end, continuous use of steroids hair follicle dies leader in permanent baldness.


This section steroid should be most concerned about but normally ignored until severe cardiovascular disease occurs. The use of steroids causes heart disease and occurs because the total cholesterol level is high, resulting in the formation of cholesterol in the blood vessel walls, which can lead to stroke. It also seems good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL) levels. The blood pressure is known to increase blood clots in blood vessels and interfere with blood flow, which causes the heart muscle to cause heart muscle damage.


Normal signs of gastric symptoms of steroids have a feeling that it is bloated, feeling of nausea, vomiting leading to blood, emesis sometimes occurs due to irritation in the stomach and increased acid in the stomach, gastric

Kidney Stone:

Stone is important to remove waste material from the blood and regulating the concentration of salt and water. Another important kidney function is the regulation of blood pressure; High blood pressure, damage to blood vessels and the kidney filtration system. The incidence of renal problems occur mostly use of oral steroids prevention of blood coagulation factors, leading to higher levels of blood clotting time as a result of surgery or injury. The kidneys have to work more strongly for oral steroid use, due to the growing demand for filtration of blood. Steroid users also use normal high protein intake, sometimes more than a regular intake associated with weight training, which can lead to kidney stones. Abusing of this drugs can cause damaging to organs in ths body. Kidney stones can block the opening of the urinary tract, resulting in problems related to urinary excretion. High blood pressure can also cause problems and damage to the kidneys, causing a thickening of the arteries and blood vessels narrowed, leading to the reduction and filtering blood.

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