Understanding the Facts about Winstrol Benefits

Bodybuilders and other athletes take steroids for improving muscle growth or strength. While taking a drug on hearsay may not be a good idea, it would make sense to know about its benefits, facts and side effects. This way, a user is making a judgment choice rather than an uninformed decision. It’s a well-known fact that Winstrol containing Stanozolol, an androgenic anabolic steroid loved by body builders for lean muscle growth. Apart from helping in muscle growth, it also builds strength and some side effects. There have been some facts and myths doing the rounds which one should try to look with an objective view. To understand the drug actions, first, a pharmacological understanding will help.

Information on the Drug

This is a synthetic drug of the anabolic androgenic steroid derived from dihydrotestosterone. Again, this is one of the many varieties of the male hormone Testosterone. It was developed by Winthrop Labs in the year 1962 for the treatment of patients who are suffering from anemia and angioedema of the hereditary kind. In the animals, it is being used to increase the muscle growth, red blood cell, and bone density. The drug is available in oral and injectable forms. Since the drug is orally active, many people prefer the tablet or suspension forms. The drug is not recommended in the US for patients unless a prescription is obtained from a physician. For other general uses, it is not available in pharmacies and the only route is online stores who specialize in steroids. It is good if the important facts and benefits of the drug are understood well.


After passing through the liver without much destruction, it increases the nitrogen and protein synthesis in the body. These two are required for muscle growth and this results in good growth. The drug is effective in the bloodstream for nearly 48 hours if injected and nearly 24 hours in the oral form. Since the drug is already in the 5-alpha state, it won’t aromatize into estrogen. This it is a great boost for men. The drug is an androgen agonist, meaning it will not bind to androgen receptors and doesn’t affect the androgenic cells like skin, hair or prostate glands. Rather the drug exerts more anabolic effects than the androgenic effects. Some of the steroids are oil based injections and this is where Stanozolol differs as it is water-based and less painful. Since the drug is orally active, a lot of them prefer the oral form.


Having covered the important facts and benefits, it is time for the myths. Even though the steroid gives many benefits, there are certain myths floating around. Most Testosterone based steroids give estrogenic effect, Stanozolol does not. Nor does it increase baldness in men no more than aging does. Also, it doesn’t promote water retention. All these may sound good but one should not overlook the side effects. A headache, irritation, aggression, liver toxicity, high BP and heart problems are some of the common side effects. Serious effects could be cancers of breast and prostate. Hence, it would be a good idea to consult a physician before its use.

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