Pros and Cons of Testosterone Injections

For anyone to be a bodybuilder, testosterone is like Holy Grail. It is no wonder men are turning to testosterone injections since it helps in increasing the muscle mass and overall strength. Just as simple and effective as it sounds, it is important for you to weigh the pros and cons of it. Anything that you do to your body away from how it naturally is wired leads to problems.

When you have a lower level of testosterone than needed, you are likely to suffer in a number of ways. Without the optimal amount of testosterone, your body lacks the ability to heal wounds quickly, you are low on energy, feel depressed, fail to gain muscle, and are low on libido. These are some of the conditions were using testosterone injection comes in handy. When you inject testosterone, you can notice the changes almost instantly.

But, injectable shots for bodybuilding aren’t as effective and preferable as they seem. Testosterone injections don’t work like steroids, so if you hope for a rapid change, you’re signing up for disappointment. They have a number of side-effects too. They might not always have the effect that you anticipate. Like, if you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, you should know that testosterone isn’t the right line of treatment. You should rather talk about it with a doctor.

If you suffer from breast cancer or prostate cancer, you can’t and shouldn’t take testosterone injections. They cause the enlargement of prostate glands and also put stress on the urethra. When you are providing your body testosterone already, your body assumes that it doesn’t need to produce the extra amount of it anymore. Because of this, your body stops producing natural testosterone and once you stop taking injections, you will lack libido, and your sperm count will be significantly low.

In women, while getting testosterone injected would seem the best alternative to becoming muscular, you need to know testosterone does a lot more than just adding muscles. As a woman, if you are getting testosterone injected, you might start witnessing masculine features as well. You need to remember that these features will be there to stay forever. So, as soon as you notice any masculine features budding, you should totally stop getting injected any further.

Some of the milder side-effects that could result from testosterone injections are discomfort, rashes, and irritation at the spot where you got testosterone injected. This might be an albatross to your workout. This is why instead of injecting testosterone to gain muscles, you should think of an alternative.

 There are a number of natural, herbal, and safer supplements that can help you add muscle mass. The best thing about natural ones is that they induce your body to produce more testosterone, which means you won’t have to deal with a lack of natural testosterone production once you stop taking the supplement. You should consider the pros and cons of anything that you plan to use on your body because, in an effort to make your exterior look great, you might be putting your body functioning at risk.

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