Are Oral Winstrol Capsules REALLY As Good as Liquid Forms?

What is Winstrol? It is a popular anabolic steroid associated with the Stanozolol hormone. It has been used on both human patients and animals for the treatment of various medical conditions.

Liquid Winstrol vs. Oral Capsules

Whether to use Winstrol in the liquid form or as oral capsules has been a question of debate since a long time. Research suggests the even if you are drinking liquid Winstrol drops or consuming in the form of oral tablets the steroid composition remains the same. The real difference arises on how these steroids are received and metabolized by the body. When the steroid is taken in the oral form it undergoes multiple processes of metabolism before finally being released into the blood stream. With oral consumption, the first pass of the journey is through the liver. Precisely due to this addition of a small amount of c17 helps the steroid to survive the breakdown process.

When you take the steroid in the liquid form or to be precise injections the steroid is directly delivered into the blood stream. In this case, it is subjected to a fewer rounds of metabolism by the body and has more time to perform its function. Usually when one is looking to bulk up Winstrol injections seem to me more effective as they retain higher quantities of nitrogen. But the oral counterparts are also equally good if not the same as they synergize with other drugs in the body easily.

Benefits of Winstrol

  1. It might not be very powerful in building up muscle mass but it does significantly harden the muscles.
  2. Another important use of Winstrol other than in bulking cycle is during the cutting cycle. It indirectly helps lose fat by preserving the muscle mass. Due to this, the metabolism becomes higher and it is easier to burn excess fat without losing muscle.
  3. One of the biggest plus points of using Winstrol is that it increases performance, strength, and speed incredibly.
  4. Winstrol is effective in increasing the vascularity of the body and also does not let the body retain any excess water.

Side Effects of Winstrol

  1. Sometimes the use of Winstrol brings about fluctuations in the cholesterol levels of the body. There is a considerable increase in LDL i.e. bad cholesterol and decrease in good cholesterol i.e. HDL. This could be the cause of serious concerns regarding heart health.
  2. When taken orally the first pass before Winstrol is injected into the blood stream is the liver. It causes elevated liver enzymes thereby causing liver toxicity.
  3. Abuse of Winstrol can sometimes cause the suppression of natural testosterone production in the body. This could lead to other medical complications later.


Overall one can say that Winstrol is a highly effective steroid used for the bulking and cutting phase. There is not much of a difference if you are using it orally or in the liquid form. Both are known to be equally good but in terms of consumption convenience and cost the oral form scores better.

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